Power Walking

Our professionally trained and friendly dog walkers are available to come to your home and retrieve your pet(s) for their mid-day power walk or leisurely stroll. Our dog walking staff interacts individually with every doggie client while they enjoy 30 minutes of “out and about” time. Longer walks/hikes, as well as home pet sitting is available. Elderly dogs and, or dogs in need of medications or special attention are cared for by a specially trained, Wagtime staff member.


Weekly discounted walking and daycare packages are available.

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Dog walking protocol:

For dogs boarding that have scheduled walks, Wagtime has designated one experienced dog walker.

Dog walkers will walk no more then 3 dogs at a time. The safety of the dogs is our first priority, so dogs walking in a group will be of similar size and temperament.

-Prior to the walk, the dog walker will check with the Wagtime front desk for any notes specific to the dog(s), e.g., on leash aggression, anxiety/flight risk.

-Prior to the walk, the dog walker will check the dog’s leash bag to see if the owner’s provided the dog’s own walking equipment. The walker will use the owner provided equipment if determined to be safe, or they will use a martingale or harness.

All dog walkers should have the following items with them on all walks:
-Poop Bags
-Slip lead(s)
-Sufficiently charged cell phone

IF a dog escapes during a walk, the walker will:
-NOT run after/chase the dog
-Calmly call the dogs name and try to get him/her to come to you
-Use treats to attract/lure the dog back
-Use the slip lead to capture the dog if their leash is compromised, and
-If dog cannot be immediately recaptured, call Wagtime: 202-789-0870 immediately.