The Paw Spa

The Wagtime groomers each have their own individual and unique style. Their professional experience is combined with artistic talent to offer all-breed specialty cuts, puppy cuts, shave-downs or a quick bath. Whether they are creating a radical transformation or a simple, subtle variation to your pet, all of our services are delivered with a splash of class and a touch of sass that keeps pet and human clients coming back for more.

Regular baths, skin-care treatments, and coat conditioning is recommended for the overall health, well- being, and longevity of your dog or cat. All of our grooming products, shampoos and conditioners are PH balanced &sulfate free and help to promote a healthy skin and coat. Hypoallergenic, medicated and oatmeal based products, as well as hair coloring and nail grinding are available . Walk-ins are welcome, although reservations are recommended.


Call for an Appointment:
Wagtime – (202) 789-0870
Wagtime Too – (202) 629-2765